Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why hire a professional facilitator for strategic planning and team building?

 KLG Consultants, LLC believes that there are 5 key reasons why an “outsider” may be more effective at leading your strategic planning or team building process:

  • If you want to ensure a level playing field between the CEO and the team members: The outside facilitator has the skills to make sure the CEO does not take over and run the meeting.  It is extremely difficult if not impossible for the CEO or other inside person to effectively facilitate because the other people will still react to the CEO or inside person as their superior thus limiting open, honest, feedback and discussion.
  • If you want to complete the process in a timely manner and profit from the time a team spends in planning: The facilitator will commit to making sure you finish the process in the time allotted.
  • When you need to address sensitive issues and conflicts: An outsider brings the benefit of a dispassionate perspective and can more effectively diffuse arguments and channel intense moments into a problem solving opportunity.
  • When your team is not making any progress: The outside facilitator will raise issues that you may try to avoid and will point out the dysfunctional behaviors that are being denied.
  • When your group must address complex issues and diverging viewpoints: The experience of the facilitator will help to identify the issues, generate options to resolve issues, and make decisions.

    In summary: A professional facilitator brings an independent and open-minded perspective to your strategic planning or team building process. He or she will keep the discussion focused, keep the process on track, and will encourage team members to act as equals in the process.

    This approach has been vailidated by such experts as Timothy M. Nolan, Ph.D. , Leonard D. Goodstien, Ph.D and Jeanette Goodstein, Ph.D. We utilize many of the concepts they write about in their book Applied Strategic Planning.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kenneth L. Greenberg selected as a Facilitator for the DMCC's CEO Exchange Program

KLG Consultants, LLC is proud to announce that, its CEO, Kenneth L. Greenberg, has been selected as a Facilitator for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Exchange Program. 

The CEO Exchange program is The Chamber’s Flagship Program that offers executives and directors from non-competing industries an exclusive forum to share ideas, discuss best practices and problem-solve on current business challenges.

Participants develop long-term business relationships with other executives who motivate each other and provide honest feedback. Each CEO Exchange group is focused on both personal and professional growth.

If you are an owner, c-suite professional or partner in a firm,  consider this program.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The failure rates for small businesses are high. A small business owner's partial "to do list" to succeed is found below.

 Failure Rates

A Partial To Do List For Success:

Sales Skills and Business Development Skills
Business Writing Skills
Creative Problem Solving
Cross-Cultural Effectiveness
Presentation Skills
Service Excellence
Strategic Planning
Ethics & Business
Balancing Work and Family
Managing a Diverse Work Force
Interviewing Skills
Selection and Hiring
Employee Morale
Negotiations Skills
Motivating a Team
Executing The Plan!

 KLG Consultants, LLC can help you with this long list.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Own or manage a business or sales force?

It's Ok to Be The Boss

KLG Consultants, LLC now offers a unique training for business owners, organizational leaders and sales managers- 

To change the way managers think about their managerial responsibilities.

Participants will be better able to:
Build relationships of trust and confidence with employees.
Delegate tasks, responsibilities, and projects.
Keep employees focused and moving in the right direction.
Increase productivity, quality retention of high-performers, and turnover among low-performers.
Sharply reduce waste, inefficiency, errors, down-time, and conflict among employees.

It reflects a very strong philosophical point of departure: Weak hands-off management is the norm among most managers, but strong highly-engaged management is much better for everyone involved. The workshop will teach managers to put their management time where it belongs and attend to the basics every step of the way.

The It’s Okay to Be the Boss Workshop is a hands-on resource that will help you learn how to overcome the common obstacles to becoming an engaged manager. Managers will gain a clear understanding of which management challenges can be controlled.

Contact us today to see if this program is right for you-

Friday, July 1, 2011

Help New & Recently Hired Employees Hit the Ground Running

KLG Consultants,LLC now offers HR departments and hiring executives: The Total Onboarding Program: An Integrated Approach to Recruiting, Hiring, and Accelerating Integration of New or Promoted Employees.

"The Total Onboarding Program is a comprehensive, step by step, guide to successfully integrating new hires into an organization. For the first time, there is a road map for those who help new leaders develop their own road maps during the onboarding process. Any organization that wants to increase its return on human capital needs to utilize the specific best practices so clearly described in this invaluable new resource." -- Ben Dattner, adjunct professor of Organizational Psychology, New York University and founding principal of Dattner Consulting, LLC

The Total Onboarding Program provides  HR professionals with a detailed approach for bringing new and recently promoted employees up to speed and productive in half the usual time. The program's techniques will inspire and enable new employees to deliver better results faster.  Our program presents the core concepts of onboarding -- alignment, acquisition, accommodation, assimilation, and acceleration.

Call or e-mail today to see if the The Total Onboarding Program can help your organization!

KLG Consultants, LLC offers The Total Onboarding Program through its partnership with Pfieffer.

Emotional Inteligence-Have it? Want it? KLG can deliver it!

Do you and your organization have emotional intelligence?

KLG Consultants, LLC now offers the dynamic Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) workshop in which you will be given the opportunity to measure your skills in five key areas—Perceiving, Managing, Decision Making, Achieving, and Influencing.

These are the key areas that most influence personal performance.

Our one day workshop will help you better understand how emotional and social skills impact your performance and how you can strengthen your effectiveness by using these skills successfully. The program will also help you:
  • Discover the major components of emotional intelligence
  • Recognize the behaviors and characteristics of an emotionally intelligent person
  • Identify areas where you can apply emotional intelligence
  • Evaluate your own emotional strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Generate action steps for improving your emotional and social abilities that will lead to success
    We offer this program though our partnership with Pfeiffer.