Friday, June 29, 2012

The Supreme Court Did what?

By now, you've probably read about the recent supreme court ruling on The Affordable Care Act. In case you didn't:

The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of key provisions in the Affordable Care Act, the health care law commonly known as Obamacare, on Thursday. Yahoo News.

What does it mean to your business? You need to be thinking about the impact on-

Employee Benefits Management

Risk Management

HR & Compliance

Payroll Administration


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Quick Summary

We create custom "best performer" job models for mission critical positions in any organization. We believe the tools we use are best in class and there is research that backs up our assumptions. These tools are particularly useful in companies going through a transition such as an M&A event, organic growth or succession planning.

A company can compare candidates against the model for selection purposes (Job Fit) and also compare existing team members against the model for coaching purposes.

In addition, we deliver research based leadership, management and team training. Our trainings are also very effective for organizations in transition.

We are happy to send you sample generic non-custom reports from one of our tools for your review.


The Importance of Knowing Spanish for your Organization

If You Are Not Speaking It, They Are Not Buying It®


This article on Monster touches on the critical nature of knowing how to speak Spanish in today's workplace. 
 Some Highlights: "With Americanized English the common tongue for much of the industrialized world, knowing a second language might seem as useless as learning Morse code. However, executive recruiters and hiring personnel say North Americans who speak Spanish can do far more than chat up Latino receptionists. Bilingual skills help job seekers land work. They can lead to key assignments and pay raises. In some cases, they may even be a job requirement.
Bilingual Means Feeling Comfortable and Productive
According to the January 2005 Korn/Ferry International Executive Recruiter Index, 88 percent of executive recruiters say the ability to speak more than one language is critical to international business success. Seventy-nine percent of North American recruiters cited Spanish as the additional language most in demand by employers. French was next at 43 percent, followed by Mandarin Chinese (30 percent).
"If I send US nationals into another country, I want them to acclimate and assimilate quickly," says Tom Birmingham, Korn/Ferry's managing director of global accounts. "Sure, in certain areas of Latin America they can get around OK without knowing Spanish, but personally and professionally I want them to feel comfortable."
Birmingham notes that an employee who can navigate a foreign environment with ease will probably be both happier and more productive than one who cannot. From a business standpoint, speaking another person's native language helps win trust.
"Global companies look at people who have global skills," Birmingham says. "And the ability to speak other languages, especially Spanish, is a global skill." By Dan Woog, Monster Contributing Writer

Monday, June 11, 2012

Translator Jobs are out there!


In Today’s Global Economy the Need for Translators is Huge, But True Quality Requires More Than Just Language Expertise, Says Language Specialist and ISI Founder George Rimalower

Rimalower Shares Insights with Translators from Around the Country At American Translators Association Seminar in Seattle

Dan Pink on The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

This video was done with RSA animate.  visit them@

Friday, June 1, 2012

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Engages KLG Consultants, LLC for the Second Year in a Row to provide Strategic Human Resource Consulting

Denver:  June 1, 2012

We are excited and honored to announce that The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce has engaged KLG Consultants, LLC , for the second year in a row to provide strategic human resource consulting. The scope of the engagement includes design and delivery of the annual internal stakeholder survey and its integration into the strategic planning process for The Chamber.

“Surveying our staff every year is a key component in measuring our effectiveness as a leadership team and an organization,” said Robert R. Blankenship, Chief Operating Officer of the Denver Metro Chamber. “ KLG Consultants, LLC has been a great partner in this important process.”

KLG Consultants, LLC believes the integration of qualitative data from internal stakeholders such as employees, is a critical part of creating balanced scorecard tools that measure the performance and effectiveness of an organization. When properly analyzed and integrated into the strategic planning process, these tools can help organizations learn and drive change initiatives that promote growth and profitability.

Contact: KLG Consultants, LLC ,
Kenneth L. Greenberg CEO 303-721-1467

Contact: Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce,
Mary Whelan