Friday, April 29, 2011

What is your brand?

What does it mean to your customers both real and potential?

Does your company act in real time like your brand portrays your company?

Have changes in your company hurt your efforts to deliver on the mission your brand emotes?

Yes, we believe brands emote, or at least create emotion in customers and potential customers. However, if your people do not follow through and deliver on your message...........

Can you think of a brand that does not deliver? Let us know.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sales Training and Coaching? Only if it increases sales!

As a small business owner who needs every dollar and minute to count, why should you pay a sales coach or trainer unless they really help you increase sales? If your profession allows you to pay a coach or trainer based on actual increases in sales, why not do it?

Next time you are approached by a sales training company or coach, get a quote for their services. Then come talk to KLG Consultants, LLC. We will help you understand our performance based compensation structure and see if your business qualifies for our unique sales and business development training for  small businesses or small practices.

Call us today for a no obligation consultation!  303-721-1467

If your business qualifies, other than assessment costs, you only pay when you see results!

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