Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Innovation Strategy Proposal for the United States Economy

 A Play To Win Strategy  to create 32,000,000 new private sector jobs in the next 7 years, regain America’s economic leadership and balance the federal deficit.

Validation of Strategy:  President John F. Kennedy once said “A rising tide lifts all boats”.  Others have agreed.
Implementation Steps:    A 50% ITC for up to a $1 million dollar investment into new businesses.
 Type of Innovation Strategy: Based on the innovation mapping technique found in   Making Innovation Work: Ersatz Radical Innovation
                                    Ersatz Radical Innovation Determination:
Value Proposition: Entrepreneurial risk applied to new business creation through at risk venture investment   drives innovation, invention, job creation and national economic growth. (This is a radical change from the current Keynesian fiscal policy of government spending to stimulate the economy and create jobs. It also is a radical move away from reliance on large company rescues for national economic growth.)
Supply Chain: Entrepreneurs, investors, professional services firms, office supply stores, capital equipment providers and various governmental agencies that enable the administrative function of the new companies formed. (This supply chain already exists in the U.S. and there is no need for innovation.)
Target Customer:  Entrepreneurs and risk oriented investors. The benefits wil flow to the country as a whole. 
Product and Services: Incentives and education for new company formation and entrepreneurial development. (For this to be a national priority, comparative to the WPA of the New Deal, it will take a radical innovation in the service orientation of federal and state governments.)
Process Technologies: The process to facilitate this type of national imitative into startup companies already exists. 
Enabling Technologies:   These new companies may create new enabling technologies and disruptive technologies.  However, there is no need to enable the entrepreneurial spirit.

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