Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stress TEST

Success breeds complacency!

Services, strategies and products have to have a place to safely fail. If we don’t test what we do to the point of failure, we won’t know what works or doesn’t. When it comes to people, businesses do not have to let the failure happen real time on the job. Stress testing can happen safely using cutting edge tools.

Assessments and teamwork sessions can allow people a safe place to expose their weaknesses, and allow managers and organizational leaders the time to take corrective steps. We suggest using whole person assessments and 360s as early warning signals, and not waiting until a workplace failure occurs.

Products, strategies and services need to be tested as well. Certainly surveys, focus groups and other customer response tools can be useful in testing all three. However, we suggest using team strategy sessions that are well informed by data, and that are open and stimulate debate, as internal laboratories to test until failure. Yes, we suggest: test until failure.

Know what doesn’t work, so you don’t waste time on it.

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