Sunday, September 23, 2012

Facilitating at The Manager Summit last July

The Manager Summit was sponsored by The Denver Metro Chamber.

We hosted and facilitated the following sessions:

Promoting Your Ideas Within an Organization- Why should your boss and colleagues listen to you? Framing your ideas so they are in alignment with the strategic goals of the organization takes skill. This session will discuss and practice the use of field-tested methods that tie your ideas to impact and outcome. Attendees will learn and practice steps to be seen as a trusted adviser in the organization.


Overcoming Obstacles to High Performance Teams- Learning to like your teammates is important. However, designing your work flow so your team is most effective in accomplishing its goals is an entirely different proposition. This session will discuss the difference and present the key blockers to effective teamwork as defined by the research of teamwork experts. Attendees will design and practice exercises that they can take back to their own teams to promote real teamwork.

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