Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hiring and Promotion Decisions?

• Do you want to find and hire high-potential employees and decrease
• Is it a priority to develop your personnel and promote the “right”
people in order to get the most out of your employees?
• Is your backup leadership in place? How do you plan for succession?
• Merging? What do you do with the extra CFO?

With approximately 46% of all new-hires failing in the first 18 months and a
turnover cost of roughly 150% of that individual's compensation package, it has
become even more essential to have reliable systems to identify who is right for
what job. KLG has 5 years experience administering the industry-leading and
highly test-retest viable, ProfileXT.

Because your company is unique, this tool generates a custom benchmark for
each position in your organization and has an excellent track record of helping
select, promote and develop high-potential individuals. It measures 20
performance indicators against a normed database and reliably identifies how
an individual will preform relative to the general populace. Completed, it yields
a total person overview of an individual's professional thinking style, behavioral
traits and occupational interests. The profile can be administered online in 60
minutes and results are instant.

Further the tool graphs the individual's tendencies onto the specific needs of
the job and provides managers with insights on how the individual will respond
to various types of coaching in order to maximize the employee's potential
within his or her role.

“KLG Consultants provided us with a methodical and systematic process that included identifying
the type of person needed for success in the position, ascertaining what strengths would be
needed to complement the current leadership, and assessing top candidates using a tool that
measures behaviors and skills to evaluate the degree of fit. Throughout the whole process, KLG
Consultants provided key insights that assisted us in understanding how certain attributes would
benefit or cause disruption for our organization. Having this objective perspective was
immensely valuable in this process. Not only did I learn better ways to gauge a candidate’s fit
with our organization, I also found the information helpful in the on-boarding process of our new
hire. I am confident that with the assistance of KLG Consultants, we have made exceptionally
good decisions in hiring our two new executives, and I look forward to working with them again
in the future."
– Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D., MNM: CEO & Co-Founder, Carson J Spencer Foundation

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