Monday, May 11, 2015

KLG Outsourced Recruiting Process

People are the lifeblood of most organizations. 

We go beyond traditional recruiting and offer companies a variety of talent management solutions that drive organizational performance.

Problem- With increasing demands on HR including labor law compliance, strategic initiatives and employee engagement, creating and managing talent pools for mission critical positions can become an afterthought.  

The Result- Sometimes organizations do not have the time to create a large enough talent pool, let alone screen and assess candidates for job and culture fit. The result can be hires that do not live up to expectations and worse.

Our Solution-
We use a custom proprietary two-step job fit assessment process that increases the probability of a great hire, each time.

We believe the right people can do extraordinary things for an organization.

KLG Consultants offers organizations traditional contingent or retained recruiting solutions to solve critical hiring needs. 

We will create the job post and distribute it across multiple platforms. We create and manage the talent pool and present only those candidates we believe fit the criteria for success for your culture and any particular position.

After our two-step analysis, we present the finalists to you for final interview with our assistance or after our behavioral interview coaching.

We will help in the final selection decision if requested. Post hire, we can also bring to bear our onboarding and professional development solutions to accelerate new hire integration into your distinct culture and inspire higher levels of performance by the new hire and their team.

Hit the mark on new hires and drive higher levels of business performance.

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