Friday, July 31, 2015

Embrace the Pain!

Feedback, the key to growth..

Custom Organizational 360˚ Surveys

  • Are you looking to create a committed and motivated workforce?
  • Would you like to measure employee satisfaction and find ways to improve it?
  • Do you want an organizational 360˚ review, not just 360˚ reviews of specific members of leadership?

In addition to offering you best in class “off the shelf” leadership assessments and surveys, KLG Consultants, LLC can help customize employee and other stakeholder surveys. Whether you're looking to measure employee productivity, customer satisfaction, or address ethics or diversity issues, we can help you create and deliver tailor-made surveys that meet your organization’s needs. 

KLG  believes the integration of qualitative data from stakeholders such as employees, customers, and vendors, is a critical part of creating balanced scorecard tools that measure the performance and effectiveness of an organization. When properly analyzed and integrated into the strategic planning process, these tools can help organizations learn and drive change initiatives that promote growth and profitability.

At KLG, we ensure that all the survey data is anonymous, confidential and secure. We administer and host the survey so your stakeholders are insured of their privacy. The result is increased response rates and more candid feedback. We offer custom data analysis options based on your specific needs. To ensure accuracy, our analysis is reviewed and validated by a third-party PhD in Applied Statistics and Research Methods from the University of Northern Colorado.   

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