Thursday, August 4, 2011

Own or Manage a Business? What Happens to the Business If You Get Hit by a Bus?

KLG Consultants, LLC team members understand the value of a systematic process for succession, continuity, and contingency planning.  Our contingency planning is about who does what, not who owns what, when key people depart for any reason.  We believe that it is critical, as many case studies illustrate, to use a proven process to build a team of great leaders and executives in order to survive and prosper during a succession process or at other times of corporate change.

We combine the insight, perspective, and experience from our previous business endeavors with our training in the administration and interpretation of our assessment tools.  Also, we are trained and certified in facilitation techniques for organizational planning, team training, and leadership coaching.

Our resources help the leaders of any organization handle the grieving, stress, and fear that come with a change in leadership.  The contingent successor  leadership team has to "hit the ground running" in the event of the sudden departure of a key leader or leaders.  KLG's program facilitates the creation of the contingency plan and then puts in place the teamwork necessary to execute the plan.  Contingency planning does not have to be unpleasant and our  customized solutions are an important step in securing your organization's future.  Our tools and techniques are time tested and proven in large and small organizations and we focus our work solely on the client's goals. 

When necessary, we can seek additional expertise from various management succession planning experts.

Have a story to share about a well panned or poorly planned succession? 
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