Tuesday, February 19, 2013


What is the EISA assessment and workshop designed to do?

1. To familiarize participants with the components of emotional intelligence and their relevance in the
2. To aid participants in the identification of emotionally intelligent actions and behaviors.
3. To help participants improve their own emotional intelligence by understanding and practicing effective
What specific skills or knowledge does the EISA assess?

The EISA provides a strong, fundamental assessment of emotional intelligence (EI) along with five core factors that can be developed to maximize emotional and social functioning. The EISA is designed to provide the participant with feedback on self-described and observer-rated frequency of emotionally and socially intelligent behaviors across five dimensions. The report provides information on the emotional and social factors that affect success at work. These five factors are:
1. Perceiving
2. Managing
3. Decision Making
4. Achieving
5. Influencing

“The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment is a great training workshop for every business that wants not only to survive but thrive in our competitive economic climate. It should be made mandatory for all levels of employees from top to entry level.”-Dawn Modlin, President and CEO, Training for Excellence Inc.
"EISA is a clearly detailed, comprehensive and research-based model that provides an integrated method for problem solving emotional issues." -John Sun, learning development consultant; Shanghai Powersite Learning Co., Ltd
“The EISA is a great enhancement to our MBA Leadership curriculum. “-Dr. Ray Eldridge, Associate Dean, The College of Business, Lipscomb University

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