Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Online Education and Degrees for your Employees, Drives Engagement and Productivity!

According to the New England College of Business and Finance-

"To compete in today's global economy, it's important to keep pace with a rapidly changing business landscape. This may mean offering benefits, like tuition reimbursements and guidance for career development, that attract personnel and increase employee retention. By providing employee education and training programs, staff members gain fresh, new ideas that put their companies in the forefront, and, in essence, improve the bottom line. Research confirms that the advantages of employee retention programs for the employer outweigh the risks:
  • Turnover rate for those who take advantage of employee education benefits is reduced by at least 50 percent.
  • Employee retention saves companies millions of dollars a year in new recruitment costs.
  • Employees in retention education tend to be more committed to their organizations and consistently deliver higher job performance.
  • Other benefits of education for business employees are job mobility, promotions and career advancement within the company, which has become increasing important as baby-boomers prepare to leave the workplace."

 In addition to in person training and coaching, KLG Consultants, LLC  provides easy to use custom online portals branded to your company identity. The portals  help you educate, train, evaluate and educate your employees. Employee engagement has shown to be a major driver of workplace productivity.

Your employees will have access to a directory style portal that we customize and configure by job category for the Human Resources, Training or Hiring Manager.  Management has access to an administration panel that provides a host of reporting and admin type services including bulk purchasing of training courses or skill assessment tests.

The website that employees access contains three types of resources:
Employees are able to use the system to request information from schools and may buy online courses for self-development and skill advancement as well as skills assessment tests to gauge their need for training.

Your admin panel allows you to modify the employee’s website in numerous ways or KLG Conultants, LLC can do it for you.  You are able to add text and information to the site to meet your specific needs and may turn off categories and subcategories in the educational directory that you believe are not relevant to your employees.  If you have outside training that is provided to your employees as part of a certification process or continuing education, you can even provide links to these sites so that your employees have a “one stop shop” for all their educational and training needs.
Inside the admin panel you may buy bulk courses for your employees and may send out skills assessment tests to potential employees in the interviewing process; you will be electronically billed at the end of each month and you have a choice of paying with a credit card or printing the invoice and returning with payment.

Whether training or assessments are initiated by you or an employee, your reporting panel tracks who is taking classes or assessments and their outcome.  You are able to use this tool to help map, plan and track your employee education and development strategic plan!

Courses and Assessments subject areas include:

  • Business and Management
  • Education
  • Health and Medicine
  • Information Technology and Software
  • Religion, Communications, Arts and Humanities
  • Science, Engineering and Math
  • Sociology, Political Science and Justice
  • Test Preparation
  • Votech and Career Enhancement
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