Friday, January 3, 2014

People, Culture and Mergers...Oh My..

Merger Integration

In most of today's organizations, change is unexpected and frequent, monumental in scope, relentless, and increasingly complex. Flux has become the natural state of most organizations.

Any business combination magnifies this challenge. Many leaders are skilled at effecting and responding to the structural side of change: creating a vision, reorganizing, and restructuring. But it is rare that they have mastered the skills to constructively manage the human side of change: grieving, letting go, building hope, and learning.

Without a plan and a system to help people through the integration process, the benefits of a merger frequently are not optimized due to Silo-ization. In some cases, culture clash will cause the process to fail outright. 

KLG helps increase the probability of the intended outcome of a merger or acquisition by:
  • Assessing the New Team and identifying, advocates and antibodies to intended success
  • Mapping out a plan to create a common culture
  • Gaining consensus on values, vision and mission
  • Gaining buy-in on a go-forward operating plan
Coaching leaders to:
  • Be tough while simultaneously expressing appropriate empathy.
  • Catalyze change while understanding transition.
  • Express a sense of urgency while retaining the capacity for realistic patience.
  • Be self-reliant yet trust others.
  • Radiate both optimism and realism.
  • Capitalize on strengths while fostering the capacity to go against the grain.

Our integration program takes sixteen weeks, but we only meet once a week with particpants for 2 hours maximum.

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